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Duke MBA Marketing Alumni are a passionate and close-knit group that continues to grow and strengthen. From consumer packaged goods to retail to technology, the Marketing Club provides the foundation for a lifelong network. Whether you are seeking career advice from alumni or looking to reconnect with classmates, the Fuqua Marketing community facilitates connections and helps everyone achieve success in their marketing careers.



Our Alumni:

1,900+ Alumni in Marketing Roles

200+ Alumni with C-Suite Roles

300+ Fuqua Marketers at the Top 50 Global Brands

Fuqua Marketers at 8 of Top 10 Fortune 500 companies

Featured Alumni

Mark Hiew

Fuqua helped me become a successful marketer by providing a comprehensive foundation in terms of business strategy and marketing’s role within the enterprise, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and customer-centrism. I learned as much through the company case discussions and club events as through Week in Cities, class case discussions and time in the team room. As the discipline of marketing evolves technologically and operationally, I’m confident that my Fuqua education has positioned me to adapt and thrive over the course of my career.

Senior Marketing Manager
Class of 2013

Payal Kapoor

What I love about working in marketing, specifically brand management, is the ability to work on both the creative and business side of things! Within my first year working in brand management, I have gotten to work both on the future of our brand’s digital presence and on building our brand’s forecast and tracking our brand’s performance in market. Having this diverse set of responsibilities stretches me today and will help me be not only a strong marketer, but a strong business person, in the future.

Assistant Brand Manager
Class of 2017

Danielle Ford

I am passionate about CPG Marketing because it allows me to create, innovate, and directly influence consumer preferences while also owning the day-to-day responsibilities of managing a large business portfolio.

Sr. Associate Brand Manager
Class of 2016

Robert Benbow

Coming out of the military, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after business school. But as soon as I arrived at Fuqua I realized the corporate presentations where everyone seemed to be having the most fun were the marketing ones! General Motors showed up on campus with a Corvette Z06 and a Bolt EV, and I was hooked.

General Motors
Global Brand Strategy Associate
Class of 2017

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Notable Alumni

Burke Raine

Coursework and Collaboration are the two biggest advantages Fuqua gave me.

The Marketing professors are first-rate and on the leading edge of marketing theory.  The frameworks and thinking they taught and instilled helped me adjust quickly and effectively to the frenetic pace of the CPG industry.


The “Team Fuqua” mentality of collaboration and teamwork was the other key component of my education that helped me achieve success.  The business world is one giant cross-functional collaboration. The ability to lead without authority, to listen, and work effectively with others are the key driving factors of success.  Two years of training to work effectively with diverse teams prepares Fuqua students to thrive in modern organizational structures.

Hostess Brands
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Class of 2007

Chris Hollander

My experiences at Fuqua were instrumental in helping me advance in my marketing career due to the exceptionally strong faculty and the commitment of my fellow classmates to challenge and get the best out of each other.

Senior Vice President, Marketing
Class of 1999

Todd Brisky

I’m passionate about marketing, understanding your target consumer and impacting his or her life through your product, brand or service. Over the past several years, I have become especially passionate about retail because of how you are able to impact every part of the consumer experience (online and offline) in a deep way that isn’t always possible in other sectors.

I was a frustrated architect before attending Fuqua.  My time at Fuqua both helped me explore new career directions and discover where my passion lay. Importantly, the educational experience and career resources at Fuqua enabled me to successfully pursue those ambitions.

The Art of Shaving (a Procter & Gamble Company)
Managing Director
Class of 1994

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