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Our mission is to develop the most prepared candidates for marketing careers. We focus on providing our members with the knowledge, tools, and encouragement needed to secure desired employment opportunities and become world-class leaders in the field of marketing.

The Idea

Create marketers of consequence by strengthening club community, bridging career & education missions, and sharpening the club’s organizational capabilities.

Welcome from Your Presidents

As your co-Presidents, it is our belief that we can best serve you by emphasizing the importance of our community. After all, the strength of our club is derived from the members who comprise it. 

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  • To new students: we want to make an impact in the field of marketing, and your interest, ideas, and participation are integral to what puts us at the hub of the Fuqua experience for marketers. We pledge to serve as a resource as you explore a challenging, interesting, and fundamentally fun career path.

  • To our current members: with your extraordinary support we’ve become the most active Professional club on campus. We’re thrilled to represent you, work for you, and work with you.

  • To our alumni: the strength of our Fuqua alumni as marketers of consequence is humbling. Your ongoing participation – in coffee chats, advice, club sponsorships, and ongoing engagement – emboldens us in the charge to uphold a legacy of excellence in marketing at Duke.

Marketers at Fuqua come from many backgrounds and have many different career goals. As a community, our mission is to celebrate and learn from this diversity of experience, to promote inclusivity of all types, and to foster an environment that embodies the spirit of Team Fuqua. Only in this way can we achieve our vision to make Fuqua the #1 business school for marketing. Thank you for joining us!


Kristen and Ollie

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